Instagram Business Growth Strategies for 2019

Want to know how to grow your business on Instagram? Take advantage of Instagram’s business features such as audience insights and analytics to grow your brand ‘s Instagram followers and take your business to new heights.

Setup your account as a Business Profile

Gain access to features such as post insights and story insights. You can learn more about setting up your profile as a business account from Instagram’s website here.

For Instagram Business accounts, select ‘Insights’ from the sidebar navigation

The analytics provided to business accounts are far more detailed then the metrics Instagram provides for normal accounts. For example, currently business accounts can gather much more details about user interactions with stories.

Interact with your active followers

This is especially important for branding purposes. Many people neglect the few followers who took the time to leave a comment on your post. Take the time – if you can afford it, to like or reply to every comment your pictures receive. These people who comment are often your core audience, and engaging with them will increase the chance that they interact with and engage with your future content as well.

Location-based targeting

If your brand is focusing on gaining more awareness in a specific location, you should start focusing paying attention to the relevant posts and influencers in that specific location. From Instagram’s search feature, you can search for a specific location such as a city or public venue/attraction to view the top and most recent public posts from that location.

Use audience insights to understand who is actually seeing your content

Engage and collaborate with relevant influencers

You can find niche-specific influencers by searching for hashtags or profiles that include your niche keywords. You should also take advantage of using relevant keywords on your post to help relevant users find you and engage with your content who do not already follow you.

Many influencers are looking for brands to collaborate within their niche as well. Depending on your business objective, it may be worth paying high-profile influencers to endorse your brand and develop valuable social proof.

Create contests or giveaways

As competing brands and influencers continue to post more on Instagram it may be hard to capture attention on your posts on a non-chronological timeline. Posting a contest or giveaway on your Instagram is consistently an effective strategy to gather new attention to your profile if executed properly.

It is highly recommended to implement post engagements or shares as a requirement for users to enter contests. Instagram’s timeline and recommendations use algorithms based on engagements, so your giveaway will reach a larger audience if your user engagement rate is higher.

Another recommendation is to have users share giveaways on high-visibility channels such as Instagram stories to receive attention from their audience as well and maximize your brand exposure.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are an underrated tool to test how your audience responds to various types of content. Instagram allows business accounts access to story metrics such as impressions, follows, and details about how users navigate through your story (back, forward-click, next story, and exits).

Advanced story metrics are used to see how users interact to each individual story

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