College Students: How to claim your free website domain and hosting

If you’re a college student with current access to a university email (ends with .edu), you can register a website domain for free and receive free web hosting credits through GitHub’s Student Developer Pack.

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Once you register with GitHub and confirm your .edu email address, you will gain access to your free domain (including SSL) and hosting credits (Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean) along with other developer tools.

AWS credits are provided for students, who can host sites by spending credits
AWS credits are provided for students, who can host sites by spending credits

As a result of registering for GitHub’s Student Developer Pack, all these services plus more will be available through a direct download link or an access code provided by GitHub.

Some tools provided in the GitHub Student Developer Pack include:

  • Stripe – Waived transaction fees in the first $1000 of revenue processed through Stripe.
  • Namecheap – One-year registration of a .me domain name that includes a free SSL certificate to encrypt your site using the HTTPS protocol. If you are looking for free SSL certificates for the rest of your website, we recommend checking out Let’s Encrypt.
  • Amazon Web Services – Up to $110 in bonus AWS credits. The AWS educate resources are included as well, which provide detailed tutorials about how to build cloud infrastructures.
  • DigitalOcean – $50 in cloud hosting credits for new users. DigitalOcean offers cloud services to host your web application.
Namecheap offers free promo code and SSL certificate registration to college students
Namecheap offers free promo codes to college students

Click the following link to claim your free domain and web hosting:

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